seating arrangement

like last year - our Seating arrangement

choose wisely when you're new - or take your usual one - simply select your seat under signup and after the payment it is reserved



3 options for you

ticket for Freaklan(d) 2023 – tournaments & 2 breakfasts

same as just gaming ticket & 
 Freaklan(d) Multipass – Freaklan(d) Shirt
 comfortable seats – welcome package

same as quality gaming ticket &
advanced welcome package & bar coupons

Account details will be displayed after registration. We ask for your understanding that the seat is only considered temporarily reserved until it has been paid for.


our tournaments

CS:GO 5on5*
CS:GO 2on2
Command & Conquer Generals
Starcraft 1on1
Squadron Tower Defence
Heroes of the Storm*
Fifa 2023 (PS5)

* depends on the number of participants

side events

fun tournaments like dart, warhammer 40k